Monday, July 17, 2017

Wish you the most beautiful day!

 Hello! I hope you all are having the most beautiful day! I had some time to kill the other day while I was waiting for my daughter's dance class to end so I decided to try my hand at the "no line watercoloring" technique. I have been playing around with the Beautiful Day stamp set in the last few days. I experimented with some Copic markers on a card which I will be sharing soon. The first time I used the set I opted to use the solid images which you can see HERE. I just love the versatility that you can achieve with each of the different types of images. I love it when I can stretch a stamp set!

 Because I was just experimenting, I did some simple stamping with a reliable layout. I was really just hoping to get something that I could make into a card if it turned out.

You can see some of the shading that I did here in this photo. I haven't done a lot of researching on the subject, but I think that most people just use one shade of color and blend it out. I decided to make things difficult and use three. I will try only using one next time. 

To begin, I taped my watercolor paper onto my grid paper and stamped the images using Vintage Photo Distress ink. I did some masking so that I could have a nice end result...if I made it that far. (wink) I chose two different aqua painter pens; a fine tip and a regular tip and in the end, I ONLY used the fine tip. I liked the control I had while working!

 You can see my process here. It really is so fun and relaxing to sit and work on a project like this. Four flowers was a lot of work, especially for my first time and I did find myself getting lazy toward the end. Shame on me! I actually like the way this looks over my finished card, so I am thinking that less is more in this case. I can't wait to try it again!
 Once I was finished with the flowers, I moved on to the leaves opting for three colors for these as well. The shading on them really does create some movement where their outline images gives none. That is really when you see the magic...once they start to come alive as the water and paint hit the image.
 At this point, I was just so happy that it actually worked, so I chose to add a simple strip of vellum with the sentiment stamped in black. I also added a few sequins as well as some Morning Dew Nuvo drops here and there on the flowers as well as the leaves. I made them small and realistic looking. I added some to the card I made using Copic markers and I made them bigger and more of an embellishment rather than a realistic looking dew drop. Like I mentioned, this was fun and I can't wait to try this more often so that I can get better and better. Thanks for fluttering by!

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