Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Grad!

I made a *loose* promise to myself that I would keep clear of my creative space and only do housework and laundry today! Well, we can see how well that worked out!! I was perusing Instagram and saw today's Color Throwdown Challenge and I knew they would be perfect for a few graduation cards! The high school colors are green ,white and black, so these lighter hues are just as good! I'm excited to send these simple cards out to a few deserving graduates!
I wanted to make good use of my time so I inked up one sheet of 140 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper with the green that matched the color in the challenges as best as I could. I spritzed it with water and let it dry.
While the paper was drying, I pulled together the few elements that I would be using for the rest of the design. My one and only graduation stamp comes from Mega Mixed Messages and it was the perfect size to accent these cards.

The background for this card was created using the Chevron Cover Plate die cut from gray paper and then layered onto a card base of gray as well. This one is for a boy, so I wanted it to be subtle. I am going to brag about the new Sand Eraser that I got last week. It helped me out again on this design. I adhered the die cut numbers too high, because the tassel was an unexpected, but happy, afterthought. I removed them, but it left bits of foam tape as well as pulled the gray paper up. I wasn't happy. I hate spending time on something just to have it ruined. The sand eraser removed the rough gray paper as well as the adhesive that was left. I have an adhesive eraser, but this worked better.
When I die cut the numbers, I knew that I would be creating two cards with one piece of watercolor paper, so I really had to be tricky to get it to fit. The negative space creates the background for this card and the die cut numbers are adhered to the other card.
The watercolor piece is layered onto gray and then onto a white base. The tassels for both cards are from Hobby Lobby! I bought them for book club MONTHS ago and never used them so I was happy to happen upon them yesterday when I was cleaning. I remembered them today and was so happy I did! They are tied to the cards with silver cord wrapped around the card twice for security since the tassels are so heavy.
The sun peeked out from the clouds just long enough for me to snap a few photos! Thankful for tiny  mercies! Tomorrow is my Keeping Christmas post, so stay tuned. You can see a little sneak peek on Instagram @kellylunceford today! Thanks for fluttering by!

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These cards are really impressive and captivating. They go perfectly with the theme of graduation in decent hues and no so overly done. I hope the graduate students would like them.