Monday, September 25, 2017

Keeping Christmas {Gifts from the Heart}

 "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year long!" ~Charles Dickens

I have been working like a crazy lady these past few weeks and was thinking that I wouldn't get a "Keeping Christmas" post done this month. One of the reasons that I have been so busy is that I have been putting together samples of crafts for our "Super Saturday" activity at church. This is where a bunch of ladies get together and get crafty! This isn't something I would normally post, but decided that the ideas that I am sharing are things that you could make for Christmas gifts! The first idea is a menu board that I put together based on a few I had seen on Pinterest and one that my friend made. I taught a Meal Planning class and this is the perfect companion for what I taught.

 The second project is a set of pumpkins made from 2 by 4s. I got the idea HERE but tweaked it a little by adding birch branches for the stems and adding some heavier ribbons. Even though these are an autumn craft, I can't imagine that someone wouldn't like getting these as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 
 The next project is a re-recreation of a board that I saw at the local craft store that I just loved! I am calling it an "Interchangeable Seasonal Welcome Board". There is a cup hook on the top left corner that allows you to swap out the garland/greenery for each season or holiday. I got the wood cut at Home Depot and then used acrylic paint and letter stencils from Hobby Lobby to create it.
The last project is a simple ornament that I found HERE and thought they were so sweet! I created the cardstock backer for them to be attached to with the scripture verse. These would make great gifts to pass out to neighbors with a goodie or to family and friends. If you would like the file for the backer, you can email me at . The cost to make these is only 25 cents! 

I still have lots more ideas I can't wait to share with you before the holidays...I just hope I get lots more time! LOL! Thanks for bearing with me for this "out of the box" Keeping Christmas post, but it is what it is! ha ha! Thanks for fluttering by!

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marge swanson said...

Thanks for posting these OTHER Christmas ideas.....they are great. Love the Welcome sign.