Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Teacher's {lemony} Thank You!

 For those of you that don't know, Teacher Appreciation Week is next week. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I am in charge of putting it all together this year for our Elementary School. I have been crazy busy for the last month getting everything ready and putting gifts together, planning food and decorations, etc. I knew that if my daughter's teacher was going to get anything nice from me this year, it would need to get put together THIS week! Hopefully all of this planning will allow me to be on my A game for the rest of the teachers!  So...I went shopping Saturday and bought lots of fun goodies that her teacher should love. We had each of the teacher's fill out a spotlight so that the kids could get their teachers stuff they like. Each day there will be a fun thing for them to do, if they choose. I didn't make each day actually have a gift, but for me personally, I will send one each day.

I got some yummy new lotion at Bath and Body Works called "New Cotton and Lemonade" or something like that and knew right away I could put together a super fun lemony, lemonade teacher gift. I have used the saying "Thank you for "ade" ing Emma this year" or something cheesy like that when I have given lemonade in the past. I decided to throw the cheesy saying out and go for something sweet. Believe me, I have used TONS of cheesy sayings while putting this whole week together! I actually love me a cheesy saying, but decided to only write something like that on the inside of the card that you can see a few photos down.
 I found a really cute lemonade pitcher at Walmart and loved the flowers and colors. I don't have any lemon stamps that would work well for this look so I got to work stitching up a fun felt lemon. I really didn't want all of that hard work and hand stitching to go to waste and potentially get thrown away, so I decided to turn it into a magnet she can use afterward.  I used an inch or so of adhesive magnet tape attached with hot glue to the back of the lemon slice. Easy and oh-so-cute...but how to attach it?!? My brain whirled and problem solved to come up with this handy dandy idea.
 You can see the back of the magnet here and you can probably see something behind the doily as well. I simply hot glued two paper clips underneath the doily in the exact angle that I wanted the lemon to sit. Voila! It worked perfectly. It was just enough metal for the magnet to cling to. I love when I come up with simple, workable solutions to life's crafty problems!
 The lemon was stitched using DMC floss in white and yellow. The lemon is a diecut from the stitching line from PTI. I just love how it turned out with this project and I love that it can be used for something practical!
 Here is a closeup of the pitcher. It it has a super cute design on it and it was easy to recreate the look with stamps.
I made a quick card to tuck inside the pitcher with all of the other lemon goodies! I did write a cheesy quote inside! Ha Ha! I am going to be whipping up a few batches of lemon sugar scrub to go along with the gift and give to a few other special people as well! Thanks for fluttering by and stay tuned for lots of other fun teacher ideas!

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