Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{Berry} Sweet Secretary's Day!

Strawberry Fields Forever! I kept singing that song while I was putting all of this together! LOL! I have been crafting up a strawberry storm these past few days and boy has it been fun! Before that, I was working on another baby shower gift which I will share later. So much crafting, and now time for sharing!  Today is Secretary Day and the only Secretaries in my life are the cute ladies at the school. I thought that making some cute berry baskets and berry goodies would be so "berry" sweet!  I told the PTA president that I would make something for them as well as serve some Strawberry Shortcake in the teacher's lounge to tie it all together.
I made eight baskets and eight coordinating berry items for each one. It is so nice to do everything assembly line!  The thing that took the longest was each of the baskets and maybe the banners for each of them.  I used the PTI banner builders die cuts and then sewed them all together. So fun!
I made some quick three by three cards with a cute stamped sentiment and some red baker's twine. I really liked how the pink broke up all the red and green and made it feel fresh and cute!
I had this cute fabric leftover from some Christmas projects and it ended up being perfect!  When I originally bought it, I didn't even really notice the cute berries on it. I love it when everything works out like that. It also tied in the pink from the card as well. These are just some simple tissue cozies that I LOVE to make. I have made so many of these over the years I have lost count. It is always fun when I see one of the recipients pull a tissue out of their purse on random occasions and I spy one of my creations! Yay for form and function, right? I had originally made these little tags to go on the outside of the baskets where the banners are, but when the banner idea popped into my head, these little guys needed to go somewhere else. I actually love how they look clipped onto the cozie and it hides that tissue packaging perfectly.
Every secretary needs some office supplies, right? And, they needed to be something that I could make with supplies I had on hand. I quickly die cut a few flowers and leaves, stitched them together and hot glued them to some oversized paper clips....ta-da....bookmark! I made some at Valentine's Day time as well.  On to the pincushions; I am personally in love with these little things. I made up a quick pattern and easily traced it onto some leftover fabric. Sewed it up, stuffed it and added the felt tops and a button for added detail! So easy and super cute! I don't know if secretaries use pin cushions, but I'd start if I could use one of these!

Each basket also had some Lindt chocolate balls, strawberry bon bons and some strawberry hand sanitizer! I had so much fun putting all of these together! Thanks for fluttering by!

P.S. I apologize for the last few photos. My camera ran out of batteries so I had to use my phone.

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Nancy Guse said...

This is awesome and a ton of work but well worth it!!!