Monday, March 16, 2015

You're my Pot of Gold!

 I can't believe March is halfway over! Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I thought I'd better share the two little projects I have been working on for Emma's two dance classes. The first ones she took on Friday to her Irish Step Dancing class and I guess the kids loved them! I am so glad!

 Each sack has a pair of St. Patrick's Day socks and a pack of green gum. I found the socks at Dollar Tree and scooped up as many pairs as we needed.  I thought socks are always a useful item and they were cute, too! The funny part is that when I bought them it was during Valentine's Day time and the worker thought that because some of the socks had kissy lips on them that they were trying to combine the two holidays. I had to explain to her that it goes with the saying "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" She had a light bulb moment! Ha Ha!

 Emma has a boy who has joined the class and the socks were most definitely for girls, so I had to get a box of skittles and then he got a pack of gum, too.  The tag is the same but I wrapped it all up with the shamrock paper.
 She will be taking these little pots of gold to class tonight. These poor pots have a story to tell. I put these together last week and I put them in my daughter's room since I thought the baby would get to them. 3 year old saw them in there and ATE ALL of the gold coins but one! Emma was in hysterics! I got this frantic text from her saying that Rhys had eaten all of her dance treats! I was thinking that he had ripped open every bag and eaten every last bit of everything! By the way, the cello bags have rolos in the bottom and then skittles poured on top. Well...I got home and he had hidden two pots under her bed, there was gold foil wrappings everywhere and bits of chocolate shards scattered over the floor.  My daughter was seriously hyperventilating! I told her not to worry, I could get more coins. It wasn't the end of the world. She calmed down....finally!

 I ended up by going to a training class on Saturday for my church calling and each table had gold coins for us to take home. I was lucky and ended up with 12 coins. I'd call that a blessing! So...each pot now has its coin and all is right in the world!

P.S. If you look at the picture above and peek under the watermark you will see a stray piece of chocolate that escaped his lips! I didn't notice it until I had snapped the picture! LOL! It isn't there anymore!

Despite eating 11 gold coins, my little munchkins are my "pots of gold" and I am LUCKY to have them for children! Happy St. Patrick's Day and thanks for fluttering by!


harrahx2 said...

Such cute ideas. They are both really sweet!

KimCreate said...

Adorable treats! I love how you packaged them up! And the little pots of gold are precious!