Friday, March 6, 2015

Simple Birthday Circles {with a little shine}

 Since I am so ahead of the game with my baby projects, I thought I would sneak in a little time to make a birthday card! In fact, my gift is all packaged up and waiting for me in the garage for the shower on Saturday! That NEVER happens! LOL!

Babies and Birthdays....some of the best things to celebrate, right?  Today's card is simple; simple with circles!  I always like having a nice stash of cards on hand for birthdays. As I have mentioned a lot recently, I make cards using gift bags as inspiration. Today's card is one of those inspired pieces.  One of the reasons why I like doing these so much is because I make things that I NEVER would have otherwise. It seems like when a birthday rolls around, I am in a rush and I don't get a card made.  So...I have started getting them done ahead of time. I feel like I cheat myself and the recipient (especially if they know I make cards) if I don't make a nice one...and I already have the bag ready to go, too!

 The sentiment was stamped using Versamark ink and then heat embossed using Silver Detail embossing powder from SU!  The flame {star} on the candle is also embossed the same way.  I know I told you I would quit it with the sequins, but today's card was begging for some, so you know, I HAD to do it! The card MADE me do it! LOL! I also did a little dry embossing with the background and then again with some lines on the yellow sentiment panel.

The colors were all taken from the bag as you can see in the background. I loved the way the balloons overlapped to make new colors.  Super fun!  I thought it would be fun to make the circles into balloons but it took a seriously childish turn and not in a good way! So....I stuck to simple, sophisticated circles and called it done!

Well...almost. I wanted to embellish the inside a bit and with a few punches and a quick stamp, it was done!

You can see the bag and the card here.  I really love this bag and while I was in the midst of making the card, I was really wishing I had bought more and was making two cards at the same time. I have done that alot in the past and I like doing it that way.  I also opened up the bag for the first time when I was taking these photos and I really wish I would have seen the side panel ahead of time. The colored stripes may have made an appearance as well.  Oh well!   Thanks for fluttering by! Stay tuned for some St. Patrick's Day projects!

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