Monday, March 23, 2015

You are amazing!

 Hello Friends! Spring is officially here! Isn't it wonderful? My daffodils have come up and are blooming like crazy!  Our winter was incredibly mild this year so I don't feel like I have truly earned my Spring {one of my dear friends said that to me and it rung true}  None the less, Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I was holding off on "embracing" it until I put up all of the Easter decorations in my home and now I can excitedly proclaim,"Happy Spring!"

Today's card is for a friend, who I always knew was amazing, but has proven it to me even more in the last 24 hours.

My desk was far too clean and I hadn't had any creative time in a few days, so I seized the opportunity while the baby was napping.  Today's design is simple and clean with a few details to make it a little more interesting than dull.

 I played with the sentiment strip and finally settled on this arced placement. I really like it and since it will be hand delivered, there is no fear of it getting damaged.  I think it gives it a fun, whimsical feel without being overdone.  I added the brads on either side of the seed packet to get it to arc the way I liked it best, and while I worried it would detract, I think it gives it some extra shine it was needing.
 I also added a die cut circle of burlap for some texture and interest.  It also gives it a garden-y feel, I think. Okay...enough with the "I thinks"....ha ha.... I just read how many times I have typed "I think".  Clearly, I wouldn't have done the things I did if I didn't "think" it needed it! LOL!  I also added a few sequins that I just got a few weeks ago. I love them...there is a burnished silver, gold and these dull white ones that I LOVE!

Just a little something for the inside to tie it all together.  I hope my friend will like it and it will brighten her day! Thanks for fluttering by!


Miriam Prantner said...

So pretty! Wonderful texture from the embossing and burlap!

Deborah Saaranen said...

So pretty Kelly! Love the sunny yellow and fresh design! I see that my little Swazi flag is showing up on your sidebar....greetings from Africa!

harrahx2 said...

What a beautiful card. Just screams Spring!

The Apple Crate said...

Ha! I was just playing around with that same daffodil stamp from PTI. What did you use to color yours? Is it Copics? Beautiful card!

Kelly Lunceford said...

Thanks! Yes, they are assorted Copics. I'm glad you like it:)

Kelly Lunceford said...

Thanks! Yes, they are assorted Copics. I'm glad you like it:)