Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome Spring and Simple Thoughts

 I was working on my Easter/Spring Mantel and decided it needed a new banner. I have my pastel one in my entry way but I was having a hard time incorporating all of the "traditional" spring colors in my family room. Instead of having something I wasn't completely happy with, I made a new banner!It is simple and I was really pressed for time and to be completely honest, I actually didn't want to put too much detail into the banner since it is higher up and the details would get lost anyway. The one detail which I had fun with is the addition of thespring green spanish moss. I have been going wild with it on quite a few of my Easter displays, so I added it here. I simply wadded some up in a ball, added hot glue and pressed it onto the accordion medallions. I then gave the chipboard letters a good amount of hot glue as well and pressed them on.

 You can see the entire display here. I am actually impressed with myself how long I have been able to incorporate the blue chevron fabric in the frame into my seasonal displays on my mantel. In the fall, I used fall foliage to accent the blue and of course in the winter it was a perfect backdrop with my snowflakes, etc. And here you see it looking just as nice for Spring!  I was tickled pink to find the little oval frame with the pressed flowers at the local thrift store for 50 or 75 cents. There is a handwritten sticker on the back boasting they are from the Hill Cummorah, but I don't know if it is true. For 75 cents, who cares? I am also obsessed with the new vintage (is that an oxymoron) Ball canning jars you can buy now. I have them here and there in my home.

 I was also in need of a "thinking of you" card so as I sat down to make it, I just decided to use the scraps from my banner. Again, I wanted to keep things simple, but ended up adding more than I planned on. Still simple, though.  Maybe before it gets mailed, I will have to add some moss.....Just kidding........hmmmmmmmmm.....

I really like these cute little frame stamp sets from PTI as well.  I also made a mini banner to stretch across the width of the card using tiny scraps. I tied bows on the ends using some button twine from PTI. The felt flowers were made with spring moss felt and I added a tiny gem to the center of each flower. It just didn't seem balanced so I added two buttons as well. The bottom needed something, too, so I added a line of zig-zag stitching and some striped paper.

I have a baby card and handmade gift to share with you as well. I have had it photographed for a while, just not uploaded so I will get going on that and get it on here as well as Thimbles and Thread. Happy Spring, Happy April and thanks for fluttering by!!!


harrahx2 said...

The mantel is beautiful and in summer you can just add some yellow! Works perfectly. The card is adorable and I love that it sort of takes from the banner and the mantel. Nice work as always! Quite the talent!

Tanya said...

I LOVE your mantel! The banner is a perfect touch! And the card is beautiful as always!