Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas thanks

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.I finally went downstairs today to witness the "craftermath" of the holidays. Ha ha! The few days leading up to and including Christmas Eve were a whirlwind of crafting and baking! I had so much fun, though! We don't usually leave our neighbor gifts until the last minute like we did this year, but I thoroughly enjoyed baking and packaging up all of the goodies.

Every year, I feel the sadness as I pack away the Christmas wrap and tags, the Christmas crafting supplies and papers. I try to relish the time as I create thank you cards for the special people in our lives who have given us gifts. I took some time this morning to get started. I decided to use this cute little mouse set that I didn't have a chance to use yet. I can feel some fun Valentine's designs coming on as well. 

I paired it up with "Fair Isle" prints as well for a sweet, cozy feel. The sentiment (which gave me fits) is from Tree Trimming Trio and is my go-to set for my holiday thank yous. I embossed it using detail silver embossing powder and a heat tool. I COULD matter how much I tried...get the embossing powder to not clump. It is supposed to be for details but it wasn't working. I just went with it and even though they're not perfect, they look ok. I actually decided to add a little bit of ink splatter around the sentiments to give it a purposeful look. wink wink. I hpoe you all have a Happy New Year! Thanks for fluttering by!
P.S. Wish me luck as I work my way through my mess!


Diane Boyer said...

I have never been able to post a comment! So many times I have wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all your projects. They are fabulous! How do you accomplish so much with a big family, too. But thank you for sharing all your creative talents! It is very enjoyable. Now I will try to post this.

Diane Boyer said...

Hooray! It went through! Great!