Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Birthday Hugs and Wishes!

 A VALENTINES birthday! How fun is that? Emma is off to one of her friend's birthday parties tonight! I had forgotten that her birthday was actually ON Valentine's Day, but when we got the invitation, I remembered right away.  My sister has a February birthday as well and I remember always being so jealous when she got to take her birthday cupcakes to school all decorated with pink frosting and ju-ju hearts on top! I had a summer birthday so I NEVER got to take cupcakes.

 Pink frosting and ju-ju hearts were in mind when I made today's card.  In all of my heart crafting I found lots and lots of heart shaped things including this cute button that is the PERFECT topper on this sparkly, sequined cupcake.

 I was happy to remember that I had this sentiment for today's card because I was thinking all about Hugs and Wishes instead of Hugs and Kisses!

I made a concerted effort to leave the 14 and February showing at the top. How fun to get paper specially made with your very own birth date!  Easy Peasy and hopefully Emma's friend will like it.  Well...the 14 days of Valentines have come to a close. I have had so much fun! My kids and I took around all of their treats and cards today and had so much fun! They loved their cards I made them!  Have a wonderful day and thanks for fluttering by!


Debra said...

Kelly, I've really enjoyed your 14 days of Valentines and it's been so much fun to see what you post each day. Your cards and paper crafts are beautiful and there's a lot of work in them. Looking forward to see what your next posting will be, after you take a bit if a breather of course ..

harrahx2 said...

great finale. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Lisa Dolson said...

Thank you for sharing your 14 Day of Valentines with us, Kelly! It was so fun to see all of your creative goodness again!

mackyton said...

Wow, this card is really cute. Hope she liked it. I am also planning a party at best party venues in Houston and want to wish my friend same way. Hope your idea will help me with this.