Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jar of Hearts

 Last fall I bought peaches, jars, pectin and sugar to make jam...it never happened. I still have a lot of jars...empty jars...jars just waiting for me. I decided to put 3 of them to good use to make some fun Valentines gifts for a few friends.  These jars just happen to be "Kerr" jars and I was so tempted to make a tag saying something like "I "kerr" about you!" or something like that, but I restrained and just made them Valentine-y! Inside each jar is a set of handmade hand warmers.  They are filled with rice, but after I had made them I thought how wonderful it would have been to add a little lavender. I used all of the lavender that I harvested this year on other projects so I couldn't have added it, but I will remember that for next time.  Each jar also has some yummy Dove chocolate hearts. I wanted to add some hot chocolate, but the jars just weren't large enough.

 To begin, I added a piece of pattern paper to the back of each jar to create a backdrop or background if you will. I then put in the hand warmers and chocolate candies. I tried to be careful when I dropped the chocolates in so that only the front showed and not the messy wrapped back side. It was more difficult than I thought.
 You can see the little 3-D heart embellishment that I added on each lid. I simply punched out 3 hearts from the pattern paper that I was using and then sewed them all together. Once that was done, I bent them to create the 3 D effect.  I adhered them to the lid with glue dots as well as the heart paper that they are stuck onto.

 I really love this pattern paper that I picked up last year. I only used a little bit of it and so I had quite a bit left over for this year! Yay! I haven't bought a single Valentine's Day related craft product this year! I love using it all up so I have an excuse to go shopping next year!

I really love using this month image from "just the ticket" from PTI on my seasonal projects. Of course I took all of my color cues from the pattern paper and they are so fun to work with.


Debra said...

What a great idea Kelly! A great gift but not expensive and you made it look expensive! I am totally enjoying your Valentines treats. You should have your own company - ok, maybe the kids need your time ... but great treats and cards!

Annie said...

So cute! I would've loved to see what your hand warmers looked like - knowing you above and beyond awesome. I always have a stash of lavender if ever you need it in the future!

harrahx2 said...

Love upcycles!