Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Valentine Potpourri!

 The great Valentine exchange is fast approaching!  I have been busy as a beaver getting everything ready to take to school, dance, friends, family, etc.  Today's post is a "potpourri" of projects that I have been working on.  I have too many ideas and too few days to get them all done!

This first project is a quick, easy one. I purchased these vintage valentine paper sacks a few years back because they were just too cute to pass up. There they have sat for 2 previous Valentine's Day without being put to use. I thought about putting a candle in them and putting them on my porch for luminaries...that didn't happen, but I still have quite a few left so that is still a possibility.

It seems like Valentine's Day isn't complete without a few traditional heart doilies, so that is where the inspiration for these sacks started. I also have this adorable image from SU! from the "Greeting Card Kids" set that is perfect to accent these cute sacks.

 I made four heart tags; two red, two white. I colored on Kraft paper for the white hearts and white paper for the red hearts. They both look super cute with the sacks.  I really like how they turned out. The white heart sacks will get loaves of banana bread and the two with red hearts will have homemade caramels inside. Yummy!

Every year I dip chocolate is a Valentines tradition. These are the tags that will go on the cello wrapped trays of strawberries. You can see how I package them up here if you are interested.  Same thing each I said, it's a tradition!  I just love this little white rabbit from the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from TJ Designs. The sentiment is from "love lives here" from PTI.

 These are the Valentines that my daughter will be taking to her Irish step dancing class on Friday. I love this image from Waltzing Mouse Stamps. It came in a Halloween set, but it is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Each valentine cello bag has a package of Kool Aid, some smarties and a silly heart straw. I'm sure you've seen variations like this a million places, but it is fun and cute and gets the job done!!

 These are the Valentines that my 3 year old Rhys (pronounced reese) will be taking to a few neighbor friends and his teacher at church.  Easy, straightforward, punny and cute!  I have decided that Valentine's Day is the "punniest" holiday and really is probably where all of these fun pun inspired crafts have originated. I was looking at all of the vintage ones on the sacks I showed up above. There are some seriously corny ones, but some others that got my wheels turning. I guess they'll have to wait for next year.

Here is  quick and easy Valentine that I saw on Pinterest.  The funniest part about this one is that it really should be the easiest to put together. Some one else made the graphic, did all the work. But guess who put the glow stick "light saber" in the wrong hand? Yep...that would be me. Copying is just not what I enjoy doing, but like i have said before, there are some seriously cute ideas out there! My computer was having a hard time loading the link, but if you search for Yoda Valentines you should be able to find it easily enough. My printer was almost out of ink, so Yoda is looking seriously vintage! LOL! Thanks for fluttering by!

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