Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pack 572 says "Thanks"

I needed to make a card for the Cub Master for my son's Cub Scout pack to say thanks for all he has done. For all of you "Scouting" families, this card will probably make a little more sense. I knew that I wanted to incorporate a Bear, a Wolf, a Bobcat and a Fleur de Lis to honor the Webelos. I think that the "bobcat" image I chose to use, is really a fox! LOL! We don't have the Tiger Cub den around here, so I didn't include that. Our pack number is #572, hence the big red numbers to mimic the red patches on the uniform.

I was lucky enough to get this stamp set from SU! before it retired and I didn't realize how handy it would become. I thought that it would serve mainly for masculine birthdays and father's day, but I am glad it has worked so well. I have been wanting the coveted scouting set from SU!, but I have never found anyone who would part with it. So...this is a shout out to anyone who is willing to let it go! I would be willing to pay nicely for it! LOL!

I used this week's Mojo Monday sketch to get started. I was in a hurry since I still needed to bake cookies and get a little thank you for all of the den leaders as well. Like I have mentioned before, I have really come to love sketches!
On a sad note, I really messed up yesterday. Once I was finished with all of the St. Patty's day boxes for Emma's dance class, I set them at the bottom of the stairs in a basket so that I would remember to take them with us to class. My husband keeps joking that he stepped on them. Well....yesterday I was carrying Rowan down the stairs and with my ever-growing pregnant belly, I didn't see them and forgot they were there. You guessed it...I completely stepped on top of the basket, which attached to my foot and I had to walk on it the rest of the way down the stairs with the basket shattering everywhere, boxes smashing and candies going EVERYWHERE!!!!! I was sooooo upset. All of that work ruined! I am sure it was quite comical to watch had anyone other than Rowan and I been there. I was just lucky that I didn't fall risking everyone's safety! Lesson learned: Don't set things on the stairs that can either kill you or you can ruin! When Emma saw them, she said, " Oh MOM, they don't look that bad. They're just smashed and bent a bit! She is cute! I am going to see what I can salvage, however! Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for fluttering by!


Amy Sheffer said...

This is awesome, Kelly!! Love the number patches and how you incorporated the different levels with the animal images! Really, really cool!

Lisa said...

Yep, that little bobcat looks very "foxlike" :) Wonderful card, Kelly! I really like your touch of red with the numbers.

Marisa said...

Great card!! I'm sure the scout leader will love it! So sorry to hear about your trauma and SO glad you didn't go head first down the stairs!

Have you tried e-Bay for the Scouting set you are looking for?

Kathy Martin said...

Wow! Terrific scouting card! You couldn't begin to find something like that in a store!

igotstamps said...

Your scouting card is perfect. I have 1 Cub Scout and I'm always searching for a perfect stamp set to use.

I'm sorry about your St. Patrick's Day treats. I'm glad no one got hurt.

Missy said...

The card is awesome. My hubby did scouts at our last base so I know a bit about it. My odest will be 8 in Nov so we will be starting scouts then. He has been excited for so long to start scouts.
Sorry to hear about your cute St. Patty baskets. Kids are adorable adn they always know when we need comfort. Good luck