Thursday, September 3, 2009

Background Sale!!!

I must be beginning to "nest", because as I am looking around at things, I just want everything clean and organized and less cluttered, hence the background sale. I was doing some rearranging yesterday and was overwhelmed by the amount of stamps that I own. I will accept payment through paypal. Each stamp will be sent in a flat rate envelope that is about $5.oo unless you buy more than two. If you buy more than two, I will have to send it in the $10.oo flat rate box. Please email me at to request sets.
Sales will be on a first come, first serve basis unless payment does not come through. When you email me, please include your shipping address and the email that you would like me to send the paypal request to. Thanks! I won't mail them out until the payment receipt comes through.
All backgrounds are $9.00 each
1. Baroque
2. Dotted-slightly stained
3. Canvas-heavily stained on wood Sale Pending
4. Print Pattern-stained
5. Linograph
6. By Definition
7. Fontastic-slightly stained
8. French Flair-stained Sale Pending
Thanks for fluttering by!

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