Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Little Bundle

I have always loved the "Scattered Showers" set from PTI and it works perfectly for this baby card I made for a shower I am headed to this afternoon.  It just donned on me as I was typing this, that I didn't use the word "shower" anywhere on this card. Oh well. This is another one of my "gift sack" challenges and the sack I chose had an umbrella on it, so that is why I used it. LOL!

The umbrella was diecut and stamped and then I added some stickles to the polka dots.  I tied a little bow around the handle for some added texture.
The dew drops were the perfect touch to mimic some precipitation. I also added a few sequins for some extra shine.  I am going to make a concerted effort to resist putting sequins on everything from now on. Must stop....must stop......
The sentiment is from the "Boutique Borders: Baby" set and I used the coordinating die.  I really love this one. I also used a cuttlebug embossing folder. It is seriously old, but it is one of my favorites.

The inside just has a little bit of detail; another sparkly umbrella and some sequins. Not much to say today...just simple and straightforward.  Thanks for fluttering by!

P.S. I have another baby shower next Saturday and I have been working on some fun projects I can't wait to share!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thanks for the Lift!

 There's always something to be thankful for....always! I'm so grateful for a friend who is willing to pick my son up from wrestling practice EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I thought it was about time I did something about it and say "thanks" and try and make up for it. I made her a card so that I can tuck a gas gift card inside.  I was also thrilled to be able to use this sentiment. I'm sure it is geared more toward someone who did some "cheering" up, but it is perfect for my purposes, so I'm going with it!

I colored the die cut hot air balloons using Copic markers.  I then added some Star Dust stickles to certain portions of the balloons for some sparkle and shine.  The clouds were stamped using "London Fog" ink.  Some were stamped off once, but others were used full strength.   I did a little bit of machine stitching since some of the pattern papers that I used look like fabric.  All of the papers are from Authentique and I have had them for over TWO YEARS and I have never used them...not even once.

I added a bit of decorative tape to the lower left corner for some added interest and well as a few gold sequins scattered across the "sky".  The ticket detail was already printed on the pattern paper.  I hope she enjoys her card as well as the gas card! Thanks for fluttering by!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Birthday Girl

 Happy Monday! The weekend went way too fast, as usual! We did have a great time with extended family as we celebrated the return of our nephew from serving a mission in Russia! It was such a thrill to hear him speak in Russian. He got to meet our baby for the first time as well when we greeted him at the airport on Tuesday. Lots of things to celebrate, hence today's card. One of the sweet little girls in our culdesac had a birthday so I needed to whip up something girly and sweet for her.

 Today's mojo monday sketch was perfect for the ideas that have been swirling in my head. I have been wanting to make a tiny tassel garland on a card for some time now and finally got to work. The sketch doesn't show anything at the top so I decided to use the blank space as the backdrop for these tiny tassels.  I was just experimenting, but by the time I got them all done, I was running out of crafting time, so the "experimental" ones had to do.  If you have ever made a tassel garland, you will know just how easy they are to make and so inexpensive. The background was dry embossed with the faux wood embossing plate from PTI. I just love the dimension it gives.
 I chose to use the circle image to create a little wreath of flowers. I knew some would be stamped and some would be out of felt. I really like how the mix of materials makes everything pop.  The mini felt roses were actually made out of one flower. I knew they would be too big if I used the whole thing, but used in two pieces, it was PERFECT! I love how they look so different, too. The one on the bottom was from the first portion and the one on top was from the second. I also used some adhesive pearls and flower sequins.

The flower sequins came from the "Shakers and Sprinkles" kit and they were perfect.  I had a lot of fun working on this card and I hope the birthday girl likes it also.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thank you "sew" much!

 I needed one more quick thank you for one of my PTA friends that helped me with the teacher dinner last month. I made these for everyone else, but she has a gluten allergy so that wasn't an option.  I have always wanted to make a sewing themed thank you and this was the perfect opportunity.  I just grabbed one of the dollar store travel sewing kits and added this little tag.

 While I could have made the entire presentation a little more "splendid", if you will, I didn't want the other ladies to regret having to have chocolate instead of a sewing kit! LOL! Anyway, it just needed to be simple, yet fun!  I have only used these thread cards from the "hanging by a thread" set from PTI once, but I love them. I love Nichole's clever use of her favorite literary and television characters on some of the images. This one in particular references Anne and Gilbert Blythe from the "Anne of Green Gables" series, which is one of my ALL TIME favorites. I'm thinking I'm going to need to work some of these into a fun gift for my book club!

I obviously wanted to work some "sewing" themed elements into the card so I did  a little zig zag stitch at the bottom using my sewing machine, I also added a pin which when I add them to cards or gifts, I use wire cutters to snip off the sharp end. I don't want to injure the recipient.  I created a small felt rose and added a button to the inside. The finishing touch was the accordion medallion to the back and a few dew drops for some shine.  Quick, easy and fun! I hope she likes it!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Birthday Bag Challenge

 I'm back again with another birthday design to share with you. When I was searching my stash for a gift bag the other day, I realized how many bags I had without matching cards. If you will remember, I made a little "challenge" for myself to create matching cards for all of the cute gift bags I was getting at the dollar store. It was a little  bit of an inspiration challenge for me. Today's card was created using the newest Mojo Monday sketch as well.

 The pattern paper I used on today's design is a double sided piece, which I love!  The stamp set is "Tag It's #10" from PTI and I think I have only used it once! Shame on me!  It is a cute little set and worked perfectly with this week's sketch. I always love what Julee comes up with.  The sketch included a diagonal piece which I chose to place a little more emphasis on. I ran it through my cuttlebug using the same embossing folder that I did on the previous card. I then die cut it using the ticket punch. I think it gives it a little more visual interest.

 The gift back had some sparkly embossing on the words so I chose to use some Iridescent Ice embossing powder on the star image to recreate the feel a little bit.  Lots of sparkles and sequins for whomever the recipient of this card will be!  I like being prepared for crazy days when I just need to run to my birthday stash and grab something quick. I always like having a coordinating set as well.

You can see the card with the bag here.  It is a super cute bag and in the end, I am not sure I did it justice. I have a few St. Patrick's day things I want to make, so stay tuned for those.  Thanks for fluttering by!

Monday, February 16, 2015

You are just plane cute!

 First birthdays; the most epic of all birthdays!  Today's card was made in honor of a super cute 1 year old who just happens to live next door! He is such a sweetie and I wanted to make a little card to go with his gift to celebrate his special day.   They really have a passion for airplanes at their house, so I thought I would incorporate one into my design. I also chose this particular sentiment because of the part that says "Enjoy the Ride". I knew that it would be easy to add a "vehicle" of some sort and in this case, an airplane.  The plane image is from the "Little Hot Rods" set from PTI and has a coordinating die cut.

 I stamped this diagonal line image to represent a candle. I then added a star for the flame and added some sparkly stickles for some shine. I didn't have any intention of covering the candle up, but in the course of design, it just looked best to place it there.  

 The background was embossed using a cuttlebug embossing folder that I have had for years, but it really is a classic.  I added a little bit of blue bakers twine to the side for some extra detail and texture.

Of course since the cute little recipient is so adorable, I just had to add one of the coordinating sentiments with another airplane to the inside.  A few clouds finish it up and all I have to do is wait for the stickles to dry!  Thanks for fluttering by!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Birthday Hugs and Wishes!

 A VALENTINES birthday! How fun is that? Emma is off to one of her friend's birthday parties tonight! I had forgotten that her birthday was actually ON Valentine's Day, but when we got the invitation, I remembered right away.  My sister has a February birthday as well and I remember always being so jealous when she got to take her birthday cupcakes to school all decorated with pink frosting and ju-ju hearts on top! I had a summer birthday so I NEVER got to take cupcakes.

 Pink frosting and ju-ju hearts were in mind when I made today's card.  In all of my heart crafting I found lots and lots of heart shaped things including this cute button that is the PERFECT topper on this sparkly, sequined cupcake.

 I was happy to remember that I had this sentiment for today's card because I was thinking all about Hugs and Wishes instead of Hugs and Kisses!

I made a concerted effort to leave the 14 and February showing at the top. How fun to get paper specially made with your very own birth date!  Easy Peasy and hopefully Emma's friend will like it.  Well...the 14 days of Valentines have come to a close. I have had so much fun! My kids and I took around all of their treats and cards today and had so much fun! They loved their cards I made them!  Have a wonderful day and thanks for fluttering by!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fly Away With Me...Valentine!

ETA: I will be posting something for Valentine's Day, too! I just thought I wouldn't get my project posted for the 13th, but I did! yay! A-ha! I made it! Did you think I wasn't going to do it? Well...I thought I might not do it, but I did it. It is 10:55 pm as I am typing this, but I didn't want to let myself down. I said 14 days of you're gonna get 14 days of Valentines! While I was busy "not crafting" today, I had so many ideas swirling around and my mind was literally going to burst if I didn't get this done!

 I have had this hot air balloon set for years, I have probably used all of the included sentiments EXCEPT....this one! Yay! I got to use it today and I love how it turned out!  I was originally going to do an airplane card, but these sweet balloons were calling my name.

 Included in the set are bold images as well as the line art images and I always use the line art for some reason. I really like coloring them, I guess. Today was no exception. I added a generous addition of stickles and sprinkled a few sequins for shine! I really love how the cloud on the left turned out. It was just a fluke, but it was perfect! I love happy accidents like that, don't you?

I can't believe tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I really hate when things like this sneak up so quickly and while I THOUGHT I was amply prepared, I still have a pan of caramels to wrap and strawberries ready to be dipped. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday and I have lots of helpers. I can't wait to give my kids their presents and take them around to deliver their Valentines to friends! Thanks for fluttering by!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Valentine Potpourri!

 The great Valentine exchange is fast approaching!  I have been busy as a beaver getting everything ready to take to school, dance, friends, family, etc.  Today's post is a "potpourri" of projects that I have been working on.  I have too many ideas and too few days to get them all done!

This first project is a quick, easy one. I purchased these vintage valentine paper sacks a few years back because they were just too cute to pass up. There they have sat for 2 previous Valentine's Day without being put to use. I thought about putting a candle in them and putting them on my porch for luminaries...that didn't happen, but I still have quite a few left so that is still a possibility.

It seems like Valentine's Day isn't complete without a few traditional heart doilies, so that is where the inspiration for these sacks started. I also have this adorable image from SU! from the "Greeting Card Kids" set that is perfect to accent these cute sacks.

 I made four heart tags; two red, two white. I colored on Kraft paper for the white hearts and white paper for the red hearts. They both look super cute with the sacks.  I really like how they turned out. The white heart sacks will get loaves of banana bread and the two with red hearts will have homemade caramels inside. Yummy!

Every year I dip chocolate is a Valentines tradition. These are the tags that will go on the cello wrapped trays of strawberries. You can see how I package them up here if you are interested.  Same thing each I said, it's a tradition!  I just love this little white rabbit from the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from TJ Designs. The sentiment is from "love lives here" from PTI.

 These are the Valentines that my daughter will be taking to her Irish step dancing class on Friday. I love this image from Waltzing Mouse Stamps. It came in a Halloween set, but it is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Each valentine cello bag has a package of Kool Aid, some smarties and a silly heart straw. I'm sure you've seen variations like this a million places, but it is fun and cute and gets the job done!!

 These are the Valentines that my 3 year old Rhys (pronounced reese) will be taking to a few neighbor friends and his teacher at church.  Easy, straightforward, punny and cute!  I have decided that Valentine's Day is the "punniest" holiday and really is probably where all of these fun pun inspired crafts have originated. I was looking at all of the vintage ones on the sacks I showed up above. There are some seriously corny ones, but some others that got my wheels turning. I guess they'll have to wait for next year.

Here is  quick and easy Valentine that I saw on Pinterest.  The funniest part about this one is that it really should be the easiest to put together. Some one else made the graphic, did all the work. But guess who put the glow stick "light saber" in the wrong hand? Yep...that would be me. Copying is just not what I enjoy doing, but like i have said before, there are some seriously cute ideas out there! My computer was having a hard time loading the link, but if you search for Yoda Valentines you should be able to find it easily enough. My printer was almost out of ink, so Yoda is looking seriously vintage! LOL! Thanks for fluttering by!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hello feelings {are}n't neutral!

 No, feelings definitely are NOT neutral when it comes to the recipient of this card; my amazing 14 year old son! He has to put up with a lot. He was the only boy for so long and now our house has been invaded by boys...little boys, mischievous boys, boys, boys, boys!!!

 I was really torn on which direction to head when it came to his card; football?, skateboards? gaming? baseball? So many options for such an accomplished son, but in the end I just chose something simple and neutral! Not a hint of pink anywhere! I took a gamble, a serious gamble, by adding the metallic sequins, but hopefully he can just look past that. After all, he has lived with me for 14 years and he knows how hard it is for me to resist the sparkle! I sat down to work on this last night while he was just yards away from me, but I'm sure he has no idea what I was up to. The other day when I was working on the monkey card for my baby, my 5 year old asked what I was doing and who that card was for. I showed him and asked if he knew who it was for. He of course replied that it was for the baby, but he said," But Mom, he's right there, he will see it!" He seemed so genuinely concerned that the surprise would be ruined. I explained to him that the baby really doesn't understand.  He did ask if he could make some cards so he has been busy creating his own Valentines for the family, but he is "hiding" them all over the house. Smart kid!

 I chose to use this phrase play diecut for the focal image of the card. None of the sentiments that were included in the companion set really fit for my mature kid, so I just chose a sentiment from Heart Prints instead. I had to use a black marker to ink up only the letters that I needed and stamped them onto a premade metallic piece.

 I also stamped a large heart from the Heart Prints set as well and stamped the image using white ink. I used the arrow that was removed from the die for an extra embellishment. I also added some glossy accents to the arrow. I just love the effect it gives.  I also die cut a few small hearts to place here and there around the card to make it a little more Valentine-y. I also used an embossing folder for the piece behind the diecut to give it some extra texture.
I also used the "Hello" piece that came out of the die as well to embellish the inside. I hate letting something perfectly useful go to waste. It also received a nice coating of glossy accents as well.  If I get some inspiration for something a little more "teenager-y" I will give this to my husband and make a new one for my son.  My poor husband keeps getting the same card year after year. I had run out of time to write in it, so I just handed it to him and then  ended up using it last year, too. He had no idea it was from the year before. He's not into cards....shocking, I know! LOL! Thanks for fluttering by!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jar of Hearts

 Last fall I bought peaches, jars, pectin and sugar to make never happened. I still have a lot of jars...empty jars...jars just waiting for me. I decided to put 3 of them to good use to make some fun Valentines gifts for a few friends.  These jars just happen to be "Kerr" jars and I was so tempted to make a tag saying something like "I "kerr" about you!" or something like that, but I restrained and just made them Valentine-y! Inside each jar is a set of handmade hand warmers.  They are filled with rice, but after I had made them I thought how wonderful it would have been to add a little lavender. I used all of the lavender that I harvested this year on other projects so I couldn't have added it, but I will remember that for next time.  Each jar also has some yummy Dove chocolate hearts. I wanted to add some hot chocolate, but the jars just weren't large enough.

 To begin, I added a piece of pattern paper to the back of each jar to create a backdrop or background if you will. I then put in the hand warmers and chocolate candies. I tried to be careful when I dropped the chocolates in so that only the front showed and not the messy wrapped back side. It was more difficult than I thought.
 You can see the little 3-D heart embellishment that I added on each lid. I simply punched out 3 hearts from the pattern paper that I was using and then sewed them all together. Once that was done, I bent them to create the 3 D effect.  I adhered them to the lid with glue dots as well as the heart paper that they are stuck onto.

 I really love this pattern paper that I picked up last year. I only used a little bit of it and so I had quite a bit left over for this year! Yay! I haven't bought a single Valentine's Day related craft product this year! I love using it all up so I have an excuse to go shopping next year!

I really love using this month image from "just the ticket" from PTI on my seasonal projects. Of course I took all of my color cues from the pattern paper and they are so fun to work with.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Little make my heart smile!

 Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today's card is made for my sweet little baby and is #9 in my 14 days of Valentines series!  I decorated his nursery in sock monkeys and I had this stamp from some different projects I have done in there, so it definitely needed to be used for his Valentine's Day card!  He IS such a monkey!  I found the stamp at Hobby Lobby where they also have a coordinating paper as well as fabric which I used on his quilt.  I love when the stars align like that.

 Today is rainy and gray, so I struggled to get a good picture.  I used today's Mojo Monday sketch as well. I needed to get this done quick and a sketch was the way to do it. I was also pleased to find that today's sketch was super simple and straight forward.  My baby isn't going to care one way or the other, anyway! LOL! The sentiment is from one of the frame up sets from PTI and I just love it. The heart punch frames it perfectly! I also added a little hand cut arrow for some extra detail!

Mr. Monkey had his hand held up in the perfect way for him to be holding something....something like a felt heart! I die cut it with felt and added a super teensy weeny button to it as well. Buttons and sock monkeys go hand in hand!  Because I added that little detail, it made it necessary for me to stray from the sketch and need to flip the ribbon to the other side.
The paper is old...some from SU! but the zig zag pattern seemed perfect for a sock monkey card. Thanks for fluttering by and stay tuned for tomorrow's project.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day Recollections

 Welcome to day #8! I've got less than a week to finish all of my fun Valentine's day creations!  Today's project can be found here if you would like to check it out. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and revisit a few of my favorite "love" themed projects.  Enjoy and thanks for fluttering by!