Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tea for Two, Me and You

Hello! I know you all might just die of shock that I am posting. I needed a card...not just a quick card, but something a little more special. I have been doing a lot of "quick" cards; just to get by here and there, but not today. Not only that, but I needed a little "creative" therapy. For times like this, I find it is best to go to your tried and true stamps; for me it is "Tea for Two" from Papertrey Ink. I am a little rusty, too, so I needed something that I felt comfortable with. I also decided to use Jen's January SFYTT. Once I got to work, it seems like I haven't been away for so long.
This card is going to a sweet friend and I hope she likes it.

Once I got started, I realized that my color scheme was just a hair Christmasy, but maybe a little Valentinesy, too? Hopefully.

I thought the papers went well together, regardless. I used nestablities for the circle pieces, but hand-cut the tea pot, even though I own the die. I actually really enjoy cutting out that darn tea pot. Go figure! I guess it is part of the "creative" therapy I was in need of. The card is pretty straightforward, so rather than go on and on about that, I hope you don't mind me filling you in on some things that I have been up to in the last little while.

For starters, Rowan turned two! Can you believe it? We had a simple little family party for him and then took him to the local children's museum for some fun! He is so adorable! We went to Disneyland at the beginning of the month and had a lot of fun! The babies were both sooooooooo good! It was amazing! Rhys will be six months old on Thursday! I can't believe that one either. Where does the time go? He is sooooo good and so sweet, I just feel so blessed. Things get crazy with the two babies, but it is sooo much fun!!!! They actually nap at the same time in the afternoon which would give me some fabulous stamping time if I had my space all set up. Hopefully soon! I told my husband today to buy me a tuff shed and I will go set up shop in that! LOL! I hope that you are all well, too. I have some fun Valentine's Day projects that I am hoping to get done, so stay tuned. Thanks for fluttering by!