Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three Hearts

I just received a sweet email from one of my blog readers asking if I was okay! It really meant a lot to me that she took the time to check in on me. I have been quite crafty despite my lack of blogging. She just gave me the little push I needed to get something posted!  Now I will admit that my craftiness isn't near the degree that is was, but I really need to feed my creativity or I will go INSANE!  It is just who I am!  I must have had some intention on getting something posted or I wouldn't have taken the pictures.
I made these cards back in October. I needed a thank you card so I decided to make three, each with a different sentiment. There isn't any stamping except for the tickets and sentiments, but I still had fun stitching the hearts and getting them all put together. The color scheme came together as I saw the three ribbons next to each other on the rack and I knew I had to do something with them. Aren't they yummy together? They seem so bright and cheery among all of this cold and snow we are having! I wouldn't change that, though, not for a minute! I love the snow!
I will have a few more projects to share with you that I have been working on over the months. Some include sewing, so I will share those on my sewing blog as well! I have some fun Valentine's Day projects up my sleeve, so I will share those as well! Again, thanks for caring and thanks for fluttering by!

P.S. My babies are growing up so fast!!! Rhys is already 17 months old and talking, climbing and running all over the place. He is such a sweetheart! Rowan will be three on the 20th! Can you even believe that? He is so cute and I just love them. My two older kids are fabulous, too! Being a mom is the best!!!!!