Saturday, December 18, 2010

Simple Gifts

It seems weird to be here on a Saturday and not be posting a card with a new SFYTT. Stay tuned for the first of the year with some fun changes. Today I will be sharing with you what I have been working on for the last few days. I decided a while ago that I wanted to make hair-bows for all of the girls in Emma's dance class. I found the cute ribbon at Hobby Lobby, which if you haven't been there lately, you might want to go and see all of the new ribbon they have that matches the fabric. Super cute! I kept things simple and added buttons to the centers with hot glue rather than making knots and wrapping it around and glueing, etc. It can get messy and time consuming and my fingers get burned! LOL!

The bows worked up quickly; much quicker than I thought they would. I wasn't sure about how many I needed to make. At Emma's last dance class I counted the girls and there was only ten including Emma. I asked Emma and she was certain that there were 12 girls. By the time I was done, I only had made 11 with the three spools of ribbon I had bought, so I kept my fingers crossed. In the end, I had two left over! One for Emma and one for her friend! I decided to give Emma's student teacher something different, since I thought she was a bit too old to be wearing a polka-dot bow!

I wanted something cute to package them up in, but not too time consuming. Girls that age will rip through the packaging without a care about how much time or effort was put into it. In the end, the bags took the most time. I really didn't want it to end up like that. It is always amazing to me that even when I simplify, things always take so much time. I thought they turned out cute, though.

I used some paper from The Paper Studio (found at Hobby Lobby) that I thought looked cute with the bows. I also used a stamp that my Mom got me a few years ago. It worked out nicely for the tag. I just added a little bit more detail to it. Each snowflake had the same color button on it as the bow inside. I didn't know if I would give them choices or not, so I needed a way of knowing which color was inside. In the end, Emma just randomly passed them out, which probably was best anyway so no one got their feelings hurt if they didn't get the color they wanted.
My husband was called away urgently Monday morning to Chicago, so I have been a single mom all week trying to get Christmas done, homework done as well as all of the other daily routine. I had to take half of Rockwell's basketball team to the Utah Jazz game on Monday with a baby in tow as well as Emma. Can you say stressed out? We had quite a few commitments this week which ended up needing to be cancelled. My stamping time was zero until I got around to getting this project done. He is home safely now and we are all enjoying Daddy time. Emma has her dance recital tonight. She looks adorable in her costume! I can't wait! Thanks for fluttering by!


Deborah Saaranen said...

What an adorable gift idea for Emma's friends! So very cute!

harrahx2 said...

How sweet they came out. It's been a rough December for everyone...I think we need a redo!

Anonymous said...

I love your cards and projects; they are full of texture, visual interest and lots of DP. You are one of the first sites I visit every night when I sit down for a bit of inspiration. Because of my addiction to all things NOT simple I was shocked to find how much I enjoy this site:

I find myself picking and choosing which projects to simplify (children's items) and which to really put time effort and lots of layers into (my girlfriends who keep, re-use and re-purpose their items).

Thank you for giving us your attention when you have so much on the go.

♥Wendi said...

Such a sweet gift idea. Wish I had seen this one earlier! Thanks so much for sharing.

Ginny Schleich said...

I love the bows and bags you created. What an adorable gift for someone special. I love to visit your blog everyday and see what project you have created. I have mentioned you on my blog with the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks for sharing.