Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B is for...

B is for...Baked Banana Bread, Birds, Bonjour, Butterfly Brooches, Bling, Beautiful Baby Boy....

The last time I was at Michael's, I picked up a notepad of K& Co. letters. Each page has four letters, with every letter of the alphabet. As you know, I love to make banners and thought that these would come in handy for that. I just couldn't resist using one on a card and sat down and chose "B" as the focal point and thought I would just have fun and play and see where the design took me.

As I added things here and there, I was realizing how many of the "additions" started with B. After it was all done, I wondered who I woud give it to and realized that one of my friends, who's name begins with B, would be having a birthday in March. So...of course it will be going to her.

The stamps are from Cavallini Papers and Co. and also from TJ Designs. I had fun mixing papers, images and embellishments. I also used some ephemra pieces that are also from K& Co. that I have had for a few years that worked perfectly with the papers.

Of course, I had to add a picture of my *4 week old today* beautiful baby boy! I can't believe how time is flying by and it really makes me quite sad to be perfectly honest!!! I did his hair a little different today and so the photo makes him look bald on top, which is the opposite of what he really is! LOL!

I also decided to whip up a batch of baked banana bread. I had some less than perfect looking bananas sitting on the counter, begging to be made up into something a little more delightful. I packaged up one of the loaves and made a quick, simple tag using Holiday Treats to coordinate with the card I made for my friend on Saturday (see my last post). Hopefully I can get a chance to get it dropped off! I told my husband that I was going to spend the day getting the laundry done, but so far I only have two loads washed and only one load folded and half put away. I guess I better go and make good on my word! Thanks for fluttering by!


typup said...

Thanks for posting pictures your son. I love seeing how he changes from picture to picture :)

Chriss Blagrave said...

What a cutie your little guy is, he looks so calm...I hope he is ;)
Your gift package and card are beautiful together! I Love the B card too, very vintagey and beautiful colours. Hope things are going well for you!

Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps said...

How cute is your little boy. Mine is almost 2 1/2, time for another I think. Love your card and the antique feel you put on it. Beautiful!

Amy Rohl said...

Kelly, this is beyond goodness...oh my word, I'm drooling over the card, but your baby boy is just yummy! So happy for you!!!!

Creative Momma said...

Beautiful card... I love those papers...and your son is adorable :)

Deborah Saaranen said...

What a pretty design Kelly! The colors and extras added are so special!

Love seeing how your baby is growing as well--he is such a cutie!

Steph said...

Beautiful card, Kelly. Your little boy is cute too! lol...don't worry about the laundry...just enjoy him.

md said...

waouh superbe bravo md

Missy said...

Absolutely wonderful.
Precious little boy. Time does fly by. I can't believe that mine is almost 3 weeks already. Funny how the time flies after they are born but drags while you are waiting for their arrival.
Did I miss the tutorial for the banner?

Juls~ said...

Hi Kelly!

I {heArt} your work! You've designed a beautiful card here & it's inspired me to do a journal cover for my Mom's birthday in March! She had commented on one I did last year and decided to make one for her to keep at her shoppe.

I'm going to try to use the papers I've got but it is hard not to run out & buy something new! So, hopefully, I'll stick with the plan.... hmmm, well maybe a few new embellishments to add ;)

You do wonderful work!

And your little baby boy is a sweetheart! My baby boy is now 17! And my girls are 21 & 19! I wouldn't say that time has flown by but there is so much to savor along the way!




Dee Dee said...

Love the card, and what a beautiful baby boy. :)

Juls~ said...

Hi Kelly,

Wanted to let you know I linked to your *inspiration card* and finished the journal tonite. Totally different but has some design details like yours!



Juls~ said...


I changed the photo mat, looks better, but wow, Blogger is so hard to edit! Takes so much time, I left the inside cover as it is - no biggie.

Have a great day -- if u want, you can get a better look now!

Mary Lou Kemp said...

Your 'lil man' is adorable. What sweet eyes he has too.