Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Special Friend Blend

 Some brilliant person somewhere coined a phrase...I think it goes something like this; Cancer Sucks! Yes...I'm pretty sure that's it! It is true, too. My dad died from cancer; lots of people every day suffer from this awful disease.  One of my new, yet dear friends has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. My heart aches for her, for her darling kids and her supportive husband.  She is so courageous and bright spirited through it all. I had the opportunity to bring her family dinner this past week and made this to give to her.  I ran out of time to get everything ready, so it still needs to be delivered, but now I have an excuse to go see her again.

This is one of my all-time favorite sets. I just love it. I used to use it ALL the time, but it hasn't seen ink for a while. I also used the companion set as well; Tea for Two and also, Tea for Two additions.  They both have dies that coordinate, but for some reason I just really love cutting out the tea pot. I did, however, use the die for the tea cup which you can see on the tag. The reason why I love cutting out the tea pot is because it follows the inked lines exactly and the die cut leaves some extra space. It is good when you are in a time crunch, but when I want to make it look a little better, I opt for me, the scissors and exacto knife.

 This project uses a lot of techniques that I really love and you can see throughout a lot of my work. I used some vintage glass glitter around the accordion medallion, stitching and buttons.  The funny part about this project is that it does not include any tea. I don't know if she is a tea drinker, so I gave her a few packets of hot cocoa and Dove hearts. What's not to love about that, right?

The tag is just a fun little addition. After it was all done, I imagined how cute the spoons would have looked embossed in silver or gold. Looks like I have given myself another "tea" themed project so I can try it out.  Thanks for fluttering by!

P.S. The Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party was a smashing success and I have decided to do a whole birthday series. I did get a comment (thank you) from a reader saying that they would like that so....I will do it! I haven't decided if I should start with some of the older parties and work my way forward, or what, so stay tuned.


harrahx2 said...

So darn cute. Love it.

yvette said...

So glad you are back to posting and I cant wait to see our birthday series...If I may ask a question do you mind referring me to your baby girl shoe pattern. I have a lot of baby girl showers in my future and need to start crafting