Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ticket to Celebrate

Attention Bloggers: Are you finding that your photos don't look as nice once they have been posted? My originals look SO much better. As you can see from the little "post mark" on the card, I made this back in October. Yes, Yes...I know I am a little behind. I am glad now that I had the sense to take pictures so that I can get it posted. I mentioned before that even though I wasn't blogging, I have still been crafty!!!  I ordered this little $5 set from PTI when it came out and knew I wanted to use it "bigger". I have always loved making cards with a scene within a scene, if that makes sense. This set was perfect for that. I did use other sets to use in conjunction with it and I think they compliment the design.

 I first decided on the color scheme which matched the gift, surprise, surprise!!  I tried to give each square some depth and dimension and still be cohesive with each other.  Now that I am looking at it with fresh eyes, I can see things that I would have added, but this ship has sailed.... a long time ago! LOL!

In the end, I think she really liked her card and it felt good to get crafty!  Not much more to say! Thanks for fluttering by!


harrahx2 said...

Very cute and I am so into stars lately!

BA Vella said...

Love all the different "scenes". Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! We don't care that it was from October :)