Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big Birthday Cake *SFYTT*

I am here! Finally! Whew! What a morning! I really should have had this ready to go last night, but I decided to go over to my friends house and chit-chat for hours! LOL! I was in such a rush that my creative juices were no where to be found, so it is what it is!

I knew that I wanted to use this K & Company paper, so I got all of the panels ready to go. Then I sat and sat and sat trying to decide what I should use for the focal image. I was *really* tempted to use a tea pot or a baby image, but restrained. I tried a couple of different options with little success. When I was almost ready to throw the whole thing away, I spotted a scrap of October Afternoon ("Fly a Kite" collection) paper. It was a collage of different vintage children doing various things. I decided that this litte vintage girl would be perfect for the focal image.

I used a variety of copic and prismacolor markers to color the image. After I was done photographing the card, I realized that I forgot to add some depth to her hair, so I went back and did that, but I didn't take any new photos. Everything else is pretty straightforward. I didn't add too many bells and whistles since I was in a rush.
I barely got my daughter to the dance studio in time for her pictures. I pride myself on being on-time, but that has seriously changed since I have had Rowan. We are late everywhere we go lately. My kids make it on time to school, but that is about it!
As far as my creative time goes, I really didn't do much this week. We switched satellite companies and I had random workers in my house two days this week, which interrupted naps and such and I thought I was going to go crazy! Rowan finally had a good afternoon nap yesterday, which was a nice change! I am hoping to have more time next week to get things done. I have said it before, but I really hate going from SFYTT to SFYTT, so I apologize! Teacher appreciation is next week, so I am hoping to get some fun things put together for my kid's teachers.

You won't want to miss the other designers! Jodi Collins is joining the SFYTT sisterhood and I couldn't be happier! I Love her work!
Jen Del Muro and new May guest designer
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Kathy Martin said...

So ADORABLE! Love that vintage image! :)

Amy Rohl said...

Hi Kelly,

I am so with you on feeling rushed with my SFYTT card today...I hate that feeling! I have to say that I think your card is just adorable, and now you've got me thinking I need some new OA paper, love that image! As always, your paper combo is perfect!

Take care,

Willy's creations said...

Looks lovely!


Eveline said...

Lovely card.

Jenn Diercks said...

I completely understand the running around and having no time to stamp. That happens a lot here lately too and my kids are older.

I think your card is adorable and the image fits it perfectly. said...

Love this card!!! I wanted to e-mail you but couldn't figure out how so will just say here- Don't ever worry about not getting cards done because babies and children and husbands and family take priority over EVERYTHING else in life. I absolutely LOVE everything you create and look SO forward to seeing it but understand life gets SO busy. So have fun and DO NOT stress over this or it will become a chore and not fun anymore. Just say on your blog I'll see you when I can got other WAY MORE important stuff going on!!!!

Jessie/knightrone said...

OMW!!! How beautiful!!!

Loló said...

It`s very very beautiful.